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Created by the 2/3 Below collective.

Goldsmith's University Showcase, London 2013

Edinburgh Fringe, 2013

"We won't spit or vomit.  

We won't be naked.  

We won't cut ourselves.  

We know where Mabel's kids are.  

And the unicorn is busy.  

Keep calm and carry on."

2/3 Below exlores and exploits the tensions bubbling beneath the rigours of social etiquette, the petty rituals and power plays of a group of five women having an afternoon tea. Deconstructing the gestural interplay within the social constraints of a tea party, the show teeters on the edge of sense, senselessness and a nice cup of tea.  Intimate, hilarious and unsettling. 

The performance was first presented at the Goldsmith's MA graduate's 2012 showcase and then travelled to Edinburgh to be part of that year's Fringe Festival.


Devised by Mabel Aitken,  Hanka Kováčová, Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Danae Loukaki, Belle Santos  

Performed by  Mabel Aitken, Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Monika Lindeman, Danae Loukaki Anastasia Stylianidi


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