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Theatre production written and directed by Marco Turcich

3Space Oxford Street, London 2014

Platform Theatre, King's Cross, London 2014

HISTRA is a multimedia ensemble performance piece cinematically (re)imagining a world where past and present linger and coexist: Capturing the elusive search for a promised land. Stories from Europe and from its past, post 9/11 paranoia, immigration, history and its subjectivity are all entwined in this original performace piece. Integral part of the design is an imposing slope of soil continually transforming itself both as structure and as a medium. Technology, Intermediacy and visual simultaneity are all part of a detailed access for the viewer, to the overwhelming majority of fictional and factual elements that characterise the poetic quality in which the main narrative is organically created.


Creative team: Dorothy M. Dayton, Kat Leung and Marco Turcich Set and lighting design by Marco Turcich

Perfromers: Fabrizio Panella. Actors: Bhrina Bache / Andrei Costin / Yvonne Wickham / Marco Rossi / Lucie Novak / Mariana Heglasik / Gabriel Horn / Carlo Pavan. Ensemble: Alexander Raptotasios / Oya Bacak / Aline Derderain / Fernand Paimblanc / Paloma Jacob Dvernet / Aja koke / Louise Florand / Saul Aiden.

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