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We are currently developing a new retelling of Sophocles Antigone set in the present exploring the stories of the so-called 'ISIS Brides' and the role social media played in the public perception of the issue. We hope to tour in Autumn 2023 - WATCH THIS SPACE

Antigone [on strike]

Who is considered an ‘enemy of the state’?

- and do they deserve the same human rights as everyone else?

The play will explore a divisive subject: the citizenship status of British women who joined ISIS during the Syrian civil conflict. This will be a unique interactive experience for the audience that will bring into question their role as citizens and agents of the ever-elusive concept of ‘public opinion’. Audiences will participate, question and vote during the many shifts in the play, as public opinion turns, twists and is manipulated.


We feel it is urgent to look at the effect of behavior-predicting technologies on freedom of choice and democracy. 


This play was developed in partnership with St. Matthew’s Church in Bethnal Green and through ACE-funded  community workshops with students and teachers at the Oakland School in Bethnal Green. Working with the students made it clear to us that online commentary and participation is the only way to engage with politics and social issues for many young people. The students also raised questions about the characters and views represented that helped us develop the play’s central themes further. The workshops convinced us that there is a need and thirst for finding a way to engage with politics and social issues through art. Therefore, we decided to create a series of workshops that would achieve exactly that and would engage young people before coming to see the performance.





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