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Our Enviromental Policy

We are committed to reducing our carbon impact and we aim to operate a company model that reduces our impact on the environment, in the production process and on tour. 


Our Environmental Policy recognises our responsibility to embed sustainability and environmental responsibility at the heart of our company and practice.  We will work to the standards of the Theatre Green Book, set target to reduce our carbon impact and use the tools available to achieve this.  We will encourage artists, creatives, organisations and venues collaborating with us to work towards achieving this goal through implementation of our Environmental Policy and Action Plan as a contractual requirement.


Our Aim is:

  • to embed environmental responsibility and sustainability as a core principle in our planning and decisions.

  • To use our activities to promote environmental sustainability among our audiences, stakeholders and artistic partners.

  • To work to the standards of the Theatre Green Book

  • To set targets to reduce our carbon impact

  • To use the tools available to achieve this

  • Learn from best practice and peer to peer shared experience


Our Actions Are:

  • We ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

  • We educate and motivate staff, freelancers and partners to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • We minimise carbon emissions from travel and transport of team members, artists and participants.

  • We communicate our environmental policy and practice through our artistic programme.

  • We share the best practice with other organisations and artists and promote it among audiences.

  • We take environmental issues into account in every aspect of productions we work on.

  • We make sustainable decisions and explore different options with regards to materials used in the design of the set, costumes, props, lighting, and look to repurpose, donate or recycle at the end.

  • We recycle waste.

  • We aim to reduce printed materials produced.



We carry out a regular review of our environmental policy to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

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