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by Vacuum Theatre

Created by Kit Redstone and Vicky Kyriakoulakou.

3Space Blackfriars and Arcola Theatre, London 2013

theSpaceUK, Edinburgh Fringe, 2013

"No set.    No costumes.    No celebrities...especially NO Keira Knightley.

Not even endorsed by DysonTM

The Vacuum Cleaner: The worst show you will see at the fringe...probably!"

An absurdist, honest and courageous piece of theatre exploring the relationship between the performers and the audience; juggling expectations, fears, stereotypes, notions of artificiality, self-criticism and humour. Written specifically for the cast, the play embraces the real truths and limitations of the performer. Balancing experimental techniques against conventional authorship, The Vacuum Cleaner seeks to push the boundaries of conventional theatre to entertain any audience. A piece which embraces and explores failure, where limitations flourish into possibilities.

THE VACUUM CLEANER was the first production of Ferodo Bridges during their residency at the Blackfriars Courthouses by 3Space. The project was developed by Kit Redstone and Vicky Kyriakoulakou as a response to the space and the diversity of the participating creatives as well as their individual attitude towards what theatre is. This show also instigated the creation of the VACUUM THEATRE company by Kit Redstone that continued to make performances such as SOMETHING FROM NOTHING and ABSENCE.

The show was first presented at the abandoned courthouses of Blackfriars, then at Arcola Theatre in London and finally at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe.


“Whilst a piece such as this is always going to be divisive, I found it immensely enjoyable. This is a diverse, intriguing and entertaining show, with fleeting moments of real poignancy.” - Simon Holton, A Younger Theatre

"Expect to laugh, and possibly also cry – prepare to be surprised and, most of all, prepare to have your faith in modern ‘theatre’ thoroughly refreshed and restored!"

- Ruper Dannreuther, ​To Do List


"If you are interested in contemporary, honest theatre about the limitations of performance and the truths held in any artwork, this could be for you. a funny and quirky piece that is sure to make waves when it moves to the Edinburgh Fringe." - Alan Perkins, Weekend Notes



Directed by Vicky Kyriakoulakou & Kit Redstone / Written by Kit Redstone / Produced by Alexander Raptotasios /  Performed by Oya Bacak, Nadia Mowafy, Danae Loukaki, Alexander Raptotasios, Vicky Kyriakoulakou & Kit Redstone Set Design by Marco Turcich  / Trailers by Simona Zemaityte and Manos Cizek. 

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