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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We are committed to providing access for all people to our productions and workshops, as creatives, participants and audience. We believe our company should reflect the diversity of the UK and our communities.

Our Aim is:

• To embed equality, diversity and inclusion in all our activities

• To create opportunities for all

• To use our activities to promote diversity among our audiences, stakeholders and artistic


• To develop a company of creatives, practitioners and freelancers that is as diverse as the UK

• To create a company in which everyone feels valued and their voices are heard

• To reach and attract diverse audiences

• Learn from best practice and peer to peer shared experience

Our Actions Are:

• We will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

• Create a safe space for all.

• Anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required.

• All creatives, participants and audience are treated equitably.

• Use available tools to reach and attract diverse audiences through our audience development plan.

• Practice published guidelines, including Equity ‘At Work’ guides Creating Safe Spaces series,

casting guides, tackling bullying and harassment, working with LGBT+ community.

• Anti-Racism Touring Rider

• Reflect this policy within our work programme.

-> We have a zero tolerance approach to racism within our company, and promote racial equality and diversity in all our productions.

-> We carry out a regular review of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

Our Measures are:


• Our regular production meetings consider diversity and inclusion at the core of our work.

• We assess our performance against targets, including workforce representation, diverse

storytelling and audience development.

• We support an open door approach, and listen to the voices of our workforce, audience and



• We will embed continual development around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as part of our

organisational and personal training.

• Learn from best practice and peer to peer shared experience.

• Provide support to our creatives and practitioners who experience racism, bullying and



• We practise and will continue to explore diverse storytelling.

• We will increase the number of our creatives and practitioners from diverse backgrounds.

• Widen our network of collaborations with diverse communities and those championing diversity.

• We opt for sustainable, repurposed and recycled materials for props, costume and staging.

• Commit to sharing the Anti-Racism Touring Rider, provide support and tackle issues for artists who

experience racism on tour.

• Consider how we address our different and diverse audience and tailor our messaging accordingly.

• We reflect the diversity of our audiences on our social and print media.

• Our production marketing, press and social reach is tailored and inclusive.


• Support and champion equal, diversity and inclusion in all our activities.

• Provide a safe, nurturing and positive environment and demand the same from our touring venues,

collaborators, and stakeholder.

• Support industry initiatives including Anti-Racism Rider, Equity Safe Space an

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